Thursday, August 28, 2008

Life after conference

Well that took me longer then I anticipated to write up about conference. It's amazing how much I managed to do that weekend. It was only when I was writing it all down that I realised just what I managed to fit in.

Of course on Tuesday it was back to earth as it were as I had to head back to work. Of course due to me taking a week of Holiday and the bank Holiday I was anticipating a whole lot of work to do. But I was wrong. Although I had a fair amount of stuff to wade through it wasn't that bad and I was able to get fairly caught up with things by the end of the Day which wasn't bad going at all I thought.

The benefits of clearing the garage out were made apparent on Tuesday night when Engineseer came round to drop some stuff off for us to store for a couple of weeks before his parents come over. Yes Geektown is now less geeky as Engineseer and Black Widow have moved out. However before they moved out they needed some help with some cleaning up. Rather a lot of cleaning up as a matter of fact. Worried that Engineseer would be up to the early hours I asked Grumpy if he would be willing to come and lend a hand and he did. We worked on cleaning the kitchen for him and we were quite impressed with ourselves when we finished. It was hard work but Engineseer treated us to some food so that made the work all the more satisfying :-)

Owen wasn't sure what to make of Engineseer and Black Widow when they came round and into our house. We realised later that they were actually the first visitors to the house since we've had Owen over a month ago. Which Grumpy in a deadpan voice said didn't reflect well on us if we didn't have any visitors in over a month!

Due to me getting the date of the conference wrong when I booked my Holidays several months ago I now have a random half days Holiday tomorrow. So I will be taking on Engineseer in a rematch at Warhammer world. Can my Orks win out a second time or will the Tau have there revenge? Be sure to turn in tomorrow...

Okay now this sounds like a TV show :-)

And we're also getting closer to that time of the year where thanks to work I get to see that 5am on a Sunday morning really does exist. Arrgghhhh.. Oh well at least it only comes once a year.

Right I guess that's all for today.

See you tomorrow folks (and I know at least some of you are still out there. Google Anayltics says so :-)



Dan said...

Well, I reckon the Ork Boyz will cane the Tau again, but, you can let me know.

Saxon said...

At long range now. At short range yes. a mere 45 dice in one close combat assault alone! However the mission rules meant it ended in a tactical draw