Thursday, August 07, 2008

Just plain odd

After spending five years at work I've come to the conclusion that our building is even more strange then your typical office block and strange things do seem to happen on a pretty regular basis, which I suppose is to be expected in a building where the main focus is talking about non existant worlds and characters.

But even by our standards a lot of odd things seemed to be happening today. For example the wrong set of mens toilets were closed for refurbishment, not the set we were told that would be shut and even then the 'refurbishment' seemed to only involve removing a radiator from the walls. The book seller who visits our staff canteen had exactly the same books as last time even down to the same stickers. A email was sent round advertising the return of the blood service mobile in dark red gothic lettering, metal shelving seems to have become important enough to be added to the archive, someone asked us for the conversion rate of Dollars into Euros, if we were planning to go out of business and if Nottingham was located in this sector of the Galaxy. Then to cap it all off when I was walking through reception I noticed the headline on one of the papers said;
" A cloned Dog, a Mormon in Mink lined handcuffs and a tantalising mystery"
Which so surprised me that I was half way up the corridor before I realised that I hadn't imagined that and it really was the headline on a national newspaper.

In comparision to all that, the Tractor, Learner driver, Learner Bus driver, then learner lorry driver I managed to get stuck behind in sucession on the way into work seem postively normal.

Oh well, only one more day to go until it's the weekend.

later folks

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