Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Making paper whiter then white

Every office has it’s own character. It’s own atmosphere as it were, which seems perfectly suited and unique to that office. Odd things happen round our office from time to time. It’s just the kind of building it is. But even I was slightly confused when after taking something to another office I came back into find someone using a hoover on a photocopier machine! I’ve heard of wanting clean paper when printing stuff out but that seems a little extreme!

Yes it’s been another one of those kind of days in the unique and somewhat strange life of this geek. The weathers also been playing up again today as well going from sunny, to overcast, to rain, back to sunny again. Of course the danger is if it keeps being sunny people might start to think it was still summer : - )

The secret project is still coming along nicely and after a lot of pestering I finally have the final pieces I need to get the first chunk of it done. Fortunately just in time for my Holiday next week too so I should be able to get it done in plenty of time ( he says well aware he’s probably just massively fated himself but c’est la vie I guess).

anyway, two more days to go until Holiday. Yaah!

later folks!

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