Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Escape

Despite having coming home now several times to Owen sitting Smugly in the Front room, after being left in the Kitchen he still wasn't sure if Owen had managed to figure out how to open doors or if he just hadn't shut the door properly. Well this morning after Owen was left shut in the kitchen due to being very wet, he got out twice. So I put him back in the Kitchen and waited and was able to get this..
Proof that our dog really is smart and has indeed figured out how to open the doors.
This is him at the top of the stairs as he was waiting for Grumpy to finish on the Computer. He's a real expect at the old 'mornful look'
This is him and Grumpy going on a walk last night. As you can see he's a very helpful dog. If Grumpy was feeling too tired to take him for a walk he was more then willing to take himself.
This is the pair of them after they got back from their walk this morning. To see the pair of them were wet would be a massivie understatement!
Now Owen seems to have developed a 'thing' when ever he goes for a walk. When they get to the gate he always and I mean always starts jumping in the air as far as he can. He'll only do it two or three times though then stop.
We've got no idea why he does this, anybody else have any ideas?


Scully said...

What kind of dog is Owen? Maybe you've mentioned it, but I was on vacation and unable to check in as often as I would have liked. I had a Cocker Spaniel growing up and he was a jumper. He would fling himself against the wall beneath a big picture window anytime he heard the mail man. And he took to perching on the back of our couch like a cat so that he could look out a window in our family room and see what was going on in the neighbourhood. Also, I would suggest switching out the handle on your kitchen door for a knob. That would probably make it a little more difficult to open.

On a completely unrelated note, I just caught up with the Doctor Who episodes I missed whilst on vacation and the finale pretty much blew my mind. And I have no one to discuss it with, as my father isn't the discussing kind and no one else I know is obsessed with the show like I am. Anyway - I would love to hear your thoughts. If it isn't totally old news to you by now. Are you on Facebook? I was trying to think of a non-identity exposing way to exchange email addresses or something, because I don't want to muddle up your blog comments with long Doctor Who related diatribes. Thoughts?

Saxon said...

He's some breed of Spaniel. I'll have to check with Grumpy.

Are you on Nemesis's friend list on facebook at all?

Scully said...

I am under Nem's friends list - I go by CM on facebook.

Saxon said...

I'm fairly certain I've found you. My initials are C.B and I'm wearing shades in my picture