Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's almost time

Well the evening has passed in a freny of organisation and not a little cursing under my breath as I have scoured the house looking for bits and pieces I need for conference. I can always find stuff in this house until I actually need it. Argghhhh....

Well at least I'll have sometime to finish packing tomorrow morning. The current plan is to leave here mid afternoonish to try and beat the worst of the traffic and also allow myself plenty of time to get there. My main concern is getting lost as becasue I'll be on my own I'll be trying to remember the directions and drive at the same time.

Anyway Lunch was very good as Grumpy took me off to a carvery for lunch which was excellent. Although I didn't half feel FUFTB by the end of it. Which is a family saying which means Full up and Fit to Burst!

Secret project two is now complete. Well almost I've just got to wait for it to get here, so that means I can direct all my energys to secret project one. Which I should be able to reveal all about by the end of September.

In my post yesterday I mentioned about something that happened at last years conference
""and the use of scripture to get people to go straight back to there rooms after the ball on Saturday"
and Drat commented that he wondering if I could give a more indepth explanation. In case anyone is wondering there is no scripture that says you should go straight to bed after a ball finishes. As far as I can remember and this was a year ago so I am a little fuzzy on details, the organiser was quoting scriptures with regards to the Sabbath day and how it should be kept holy. He used this as a way to say we should all go back to our rooms and be in bed by mid night as it would then be the sabbath and we would not be keeping it holy if we stayed around to the early hours of the morning outside talking etc. A lot of people did go straight back to their rooms as it's kind of hard to argue with scripture.

Of course this did back fire on the organisers as everyone decided that if the stroke of midnight Saturday was the start of the Sabbath, the stroke of Midnight Sunday was the end of Sabbath at which point they ditched their clothes and went over the road to hit the takeaways. Apparently the dominos stayed open two hours past it's closing time.

We did get a further email from the organisers in relation to the one we recieved yesterday which expanded that any ysa caught trying to sneak into the conference would be escorted from the site and their bishops informed.

That stick their using just doesn't get any smaller does it folks.


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