Wednesday, August 27, 2008

YSA conference 2008 day 4: The Beginning of the end

I woke up with a feeling of regret Monday morning. Not for anything that had happened but more regret that in a few short hours it would all be over. After a quick shower I headed out for my last breakfast.
However despite a generous serving by the staff even a fried breakfast seemed incapable of waking me up. Only have five hours sleep was not proving to be a good thing. I decided drastic times called for drastic measures and after a quick trip back to the car downed two cans of leaded pepsi. It started to have the trick and I began to wake up, of the caffine headache would probably come back and hit me later but c'est la vie.

I headed back to my room to begin packing whilst being past by several 18 year olds who from their conversation had been up all night but weren't tired. In fact they looked like they had downed a crate of red bull apiece. B'ahh, maybe I am getting old.

After the devotional the YSA spread out across the campus to do a quick service project by helping clear litter.
It was then back to the centre for the closing cermony. Which was ala "last night of the proms" The choir sang a song from each of the countries in the UK then the audience joined in. This round robbin was bought to a close by a rousing rendition of callled to serve.
We had barely finished singing when the choir conductor revealed a surprise as this guy entered the hall and played a incredible five minute set.
Following the bagpipe music everyone was up for a repeat ofthe round robin and everyone got to their feet, belting out the songs with passion and the final rendition of called to serve was simply to awesome to put into words.

Then suddenly with the closing prayer that was it.

It was all over


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