Friday, August 29, 2008

Sense of time, what's that then?

I have to admit that right now my sense of time is completly screwed up. Usually it's easy to keep track of the week, Monday comes it start of work. Friday comes end of work, Saturday is shopping and Sunday is church. Fairly easy isn't it? But the last two weeks I've had a week off, my Birthday, then conference, then back to work on Tuesday followed by a half day today and now it's the weekend again! When I woke up this morning I really had to think as to what day it is was!

Still hopefully it will be fixed soon before I go crazy. Or crazier, take your pick as applicable to your opinion :-)

The game I palyed againist Engineseer this afternoon was remarkably inconclusive and ended as a Draw. We're going to try and fit in another game before he leaves.

Top secret project one is coming along very nicely now and I should get the first chunk of it finished in time. Top secret project two has now arrived and I can't say a word about that one either or I will totally and I mean totally spoil the surprise. So keep your eyes peeled for the next couple of weeks for when I can talk about it!

Well it's the weekend now, time to relax and try to have some fun.

Later folks!


anne said...

Hey, how about a post on a review of your new years resolutions? I would like to hear how they are going.

Dan said...

TSP2 was great. Terrific. Brilliant. You'll love it.

I only know because it is now Sunday and I was shown today. Haha.

Saxon said...

I'll try and remember to do one soon Anne

Saxon said...

I'm glad you liked it Dan, Even gladder that Engineseer liked it.