Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Rolling Along

Well the day started a lot earlier then I wanted it to as Owen started making a fuss, as unfortunately his new habit of eating random things he finds seems to have caught up with him as he now has a upset stomach and I'm sure you can draw the right conclusions of the result. However on the plus side ( I guess) Grumpy was having to take him to the vets anyway for an injection so he was able to get something that should help his stomach. The main problem we have now is trying to get him to take the medicine as he realllyyyyy doesn't like it.

Fun times in the Grumpy/Saxon Household, I'm sure you'll agree.

Anyway asides from that it's been another one of those days. It wasn't as bad as yesterday but things aren't still on the level as it were. Which is starting to become a little frustrating. I just hope it gets sorted out soon.

I've spent most of the evening working on the secret project. However I was distracted as Grumpy decided to start watching a film. Which was Herbie Fully loaded which wasn't the sort of film I thought he would watch. It was on the TV by the way it's not part of our DVD collection before anyone makes any comments :-)

In the news today it was announced that a pensioner had lay dead in his bed for TWO YEARS before his neighbours noticed he was missing. Have you seen your neighbours recently? Just a thought :-) Midn you we can't really talk I don't think we even know the name of our neighbours.

Well only two more days to the weekend. I'm sure I never used to care this much about weekends when I was a student. But I guess that's because I wasn't working full time and I could stay in bed as late as I wanted.

As long as I didn't have lectures. Honest :-)

later folks!

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