Sunday, August 03, 2008

Rolling along

I managed to get to Church fairly early today, mainly because I woke up way before my Alarm was due to go off so there wasn't much point in hanging around at home. It was a good job to as the place was packed. Mainly due to Sister R's extended family coming to visit. I think at last count she had something like 45 grandchildren!

We had Brother C was out lesson this week. I think BlackWidow was relived as it saved him from getting loads of comments from Sister F.

The Eldars Quorum managed to prove during our lesson that old sterotype that Men are not good organisers as the horseshoe shape we were supposed to make looked more like a Horseshoe that had been run over several times then dropped off a cliff.

Geekville is going to be a little less geeky by the end of this week as Engineseer and Black Widow are moving out of their house as the lease is up and moving back to Loughborough. Engineseer is also definately not going to conference. So unless Fraggle actually says he is going ( hint, hint Fraggle read your facebook wall from time to time!) I'm going to conference by myself.

Oh well.

I've spent most of the afternoon doing some reading and painting. Not terribly exciting I know but it's nice to have a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

Well it's Monday tomorrow, so back to work. It would be so much easier if you could get paid for doing nothing :-) Here's hoping for a easy week....

and while I'm at it I also want a million quid, a new car and a geekette,


later folks!

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