Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Squish, Squish, splash, splash

Waking up before your alarm goes off is never good. Waking up before your alarm due to the heavy rain hitting the roof and window is even worse as you just know it’s going to be one of those days!

With it raining so heavily the drive into work was not fun in the slightest. Mainly due to the inevitable hordes of idiotic drivers that the rain seems to bring out onto the roads and that continuing struggle of trying to get the fans going just right to stop your windscreen misting up but not leave you melting.

With all the heavy rain the Work car park was already doing a very good impression of a swimming pool. Which in turn lead to me finding out at the worst possible time that my shoes have a hole in them. So by the time I entered the building they were thoroughly wet and making a squish, squish, squish sound when I walked. Fortunately as my desk is one of those with ‘sides’ on it I was able to take my shoes off and let my feet dry out without anyone seeing what I was doing.

People are in a legalish frame of mind right now when it comes to the canteen. And by that I mean their finding the loopholes when buying breakfast. For example it costs five pence less to buy a bread roll and two pieces of bacon rather then buying a Bacon cob which is two pieces of Bacon in a bread roll. It also costs less to buy a Sausage cob (which contains two sausages) with two extra pieces of Bacon then to buy a bacon cob (with two pieces of bacon) with two extra sausages.

I get the feeling the Canteen will clamp down on this pretty quickly.

I had to help one of my colleagues out at Lunch time as he’s having a whole lot of trouble with his car. Basically everything’s breaking at once. I had to run drive down to the garage with him and give him a life back, which was an interesting experience as I had great difficulty getting out of their car park. On the plus side I still had plenty of time when I got back to work to do some more work on the secret project.

And yes, it’s still secret!

Best quote of the day heard on the radio
“It’s my answer so it must be right”

In the news today a Couple whose garden gnome disappeared from their garden over a year ago found him on their doorstep with a note apologising for his disappearance as he had got ‘itchy feet’ and wanted to go travelling. He didn’t return unaccompanied however because he appeared complete with a photo album which detailed his trip round the world visiting such places as Sydney , Thailand and China to name a few.

later folks!

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