Monday, August 04, 2008

All by myself

Well after my ever so subtle hint yesterday ( no really) I got a email from Fraggle to confirm he isn't going to conference either. So it will just be me in the car this year. Also with out Engineseers satnat I hope I don't get lost, I could do without a repeat of the magical mystery tour I went through the first year I went to conference.

It's been a fairly quiet day today. Work was okay and I was able to get caught up with the weekend emails fairly quickly. We also had some new books arrive to which is always fun :-)

The top secret project is still stalled at the moment as I'm still waiting for that person I'm waiting on to get back to me. I think I'll have to send a gentle 'nudge' email tomorrow if I don't hear anything.

Hopefully that will get things moving.

I hope :-)

later folks


Scully said...

So, I will search Facebook and send you friend invite. In the mean time, I thought you would enjoy this analysis/wrap-up/recap of Doctor Who series 4 at Television Without Pity. Hopefully this link works for you.

Saxon said...

got the invite.