Saturday, August 30, 2008

Well at least someone found it amusing

We've just been watching NCIS which is one of my fav shows on the TV right now. However in tonights episode they came out with the line
" What's a blog?"
" Oh it something loosers put on the internet"
Of course Grumpy immediately starts cackling away and hasn't stopped giggling since.

Oh well It has been on of these evenings. It seems that the bishopric want the ward bulletin format to change. Instead of keeping with the very simply bulletin which they insisted I do they have now printed off 5000 yes you read that correctly programs for the bulletin information to be printed on. Now two things spring to mind here. One why they did this and not mention it to me at all and I have to find out three hand from the person who got these things printed and second are they expecting me to keep them all at home? I don't have room to keep 5000 of the flipping things. Not to mention Grumpy would probably hit the roof if I tried too. I guess I'll just have to have faith and trust that they know what their doing.

Asides from it being one of those evenings it's been a pretty quiet day. There was the usual shopping, fish and chips for lunch and not doing much all afternoon.

Not that interesting I know.

sorry :-)


drat said...

Oh my god! You mean your dad knows you have a blog?

Does he read it? If he does I bet he's not too happy about you calling him grumpy!!

Scully said...

Well, if it was Dinozzo saying, you can take it w/ a grain of salt. Just another jab at poor Probie.

Anonymous said...

Ahem, I know plenty of people that keep blogs. I will accept the term "geek", that is beyond doubt, but LOSER!!!?

As for the programmes. I think they look quite cool. Just think of Sunday School today. So long as we follow our leaders righteous requests we'll be fine... in otherwords, yes, stick with trusting they know what they are doing. By far the best strategy.

Now. TSP1. Well? When shall we expect it?

And. Where is Frag these days. He needs to write more in his blog.

Saxon said...

yes he does and yes he does know what he's called Drat. He doesn't mind though he finds the whole thing amusing

Saxon said...

It was gibbs talking to a suspect who made the quote. He later on asked Ziva if she knew what a 'clog' was. It confused her even more as she thought it was 'blog' (correctly) but thought it must have been her bad english

Saxon said...

I haven't heard from Fraggle in a while.

Top secret project should be ready to emerge from area 52 ( so secret they had to build area 51 for it to hide behind :-) by the end of september.