Friday, August 08, 2008

It's the weekend! Yah!

It's finally Friday, a fact of which which I'm extremly glad of as after the week I've had I felt all done in and just needed a break.

Of course as it was a Friday it was an extremly quiet day at work and it was very easy driving to work and driving back as the taffic was light even by Summer traffic standards.

We also had some unique visitors today as someones friend came to visit who is rearing two orphaned kittens who are only three weeks old so their going everywhere right now. They were so cute! Even if it was slightly scary to see so many people going absoutley gooey about them.

Petrol is all the way down to £1.12. Still exspensive I know but every little helps.

I'm going to be doing a lot of work on the top secret project over the weekend. And yes it's still top secret.

I heard a great put down on Tv last night said to one girl " So how long have you been modelling your look on snow mobile barbie"

We're going to have to go shopping later then usual tomorrow as we're going to pick up a fridge for Tap Dance. We almost had a problem when we rang them as they were really annoyed as they had got the impression from Tap Dance we were going to collect it tonight. Fortunately I was able to talk them round as it were. See working Customer service dealing with difficult people does have its uses.

12 days to my birthday, 14 to YSA conference.

I can't wait :-)

later folks!

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