Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's time for the Finale

For those of you just joined us your really, really late! You’ve missed parts one and two.

We left our hero (again that’s me, modest I know and I also appear to have developed the ability to talk about myself in the third person Can you smell what the Saxon is writing? : - ) Having survived a first day of westerns, a second day of some real lows and some highs and a third day of even greater highs. Battling through our hero has avoided some obstacles in his path in the form of dismissive girls, an injured shoulder, even nastier girls and over enthusiastic self defence practisers. He has reached some spiritual highs, faced down some demons and found himself making some new friends. Filled with a feeling of peace and a goofy smile fixed on his face can our hero survive his final challenge and make it through to day four, the challenge of the YSA in the Early hours….

Read on dear reader, read on…..

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