Wednesday, August 27, 2008

YSA Conference Day 3/4: The Logical Logics

When we want to be YSA can be surprisingly logical (no really) especially when it comes to getting our own way. This usually comes into play on the Sunday night of conference if the organisers say that we should all be in bed by Midnight on Saturday as that’s the start of the Sabbath, then on the stroke of midnight Sunday it’s the end of the Sabbath and it’s playtime : - ) I suppose the organiser could always choose to crack down on this one of these years but I doubt it. You can’t have it both ways and there’s probably nothing worse then a bunch of YSA who decide to be awkward.

Usually what happens is as soon as it's Midnight the YSA head out of the campus and hit the takeaways. So as it wasn't quite midnight I joined the general throng of YSA milling around waiting for the time to tick away.
Almost immediatly I missed my best chance to use a cheesy James bond like line ever. A girl was bounding around introducing herself to all and sundry. She came up to me and announced " Hi My names Totty!" I managed to keep a straight Face and placed it safe when I replied " Pleased to meet you" when what I intially was going to say was " Yes you certainly are." :-)
Now while we were hanging around a girl started putting on a display using these things. Now I say things as I have no idea what their called. The best way I can describe them is that they are two globes which contain lights that change colour, attached to two elastic bits of rope. It was an amazing display and she was very talented. I tried taking a photo with the flash but it didn't work too well. I turned the flash off and got the two great photos you can see above.

As the time ticked closer to Midnight the YSA started to drift up towards the main square. I was walking up there when a group of YSA walked round the corner. It was quite literally a guy with three girls on each arm! They were laughing and joking with their arms linked. The Guy was looking quite pleased with himself and I could understand why. I wouldn't have minded three girls on each arm. Heck I wouldn't have minded one but I digress.

They walked past me and were taking pictures of themselves. At which point one of the girls said how cool it would be if they got a picture of them from behind so the girls could see how their asses (their word not mine) looked like when they walked. So she turned to me and said
" Can you please take a picture of all our (pointing to all six girls) asses whilst we walk?"
I Paused then replied
" Well that's not the kind of request I was expecting to hear this weekend but far from for me not to help a lady"
At which point all the girls collapsed into hysterics and I wondered if I could do this without looking the creepyist guy ever.

Midnight came and we headed out for food. To our complete amazement Dominios choose to shut rather then stay open. So goodness knows how much money they lost out on with several hundred YSA looking for food.

After examing the options I only found food I liked in one take away. The completely orginal and I'm sure in no way inspired by KFC, Kruncy Fried chicken.

Heading back onto campus I ran into K and LP who were from the far end of the stake and sat with them to eat my food whilst they chomped away on Pizza. I smiled and considered the fact that this was definatly turning into the most interesting early mornings I had experienced.

A lot of YSA seemed to have energy to burn and several impromtu games started

A rendition of the pony game/song from EFY also started to mine and K's displeasure as it is a throughly annoying song. I pondered aloud what security made of that and our general hyperactive behaviour. Someone pointed out that they were probably used to strange behaviour as other conferences were held at the site on a regular basis. But I countered with that any weird behaviour at them was down to alchol. What was our excuse?

K was still hungry at this point and wanted Ice cream strangly enough. So we went to find a shop and actually found one still open at 1am in the morning. She went in and came out with a tub of Hagan Daz and strangly enough 100 hundred plastic spoons as they didn't sell them in bags which were any smaller.

We wandered back onto the site again and joined other YSA milling around. At which point a sing along started as a guitar had appeared.

Which included such varied songs as Sweet Home Alabama, Breakfast at Tiffanys and All the same things!
Pretty soon a sensation of burning eyes began to indicate to me how late it was. Or would that be how early it was? I've never sure at that time in the morning. Mindful of the fact that I would be driving home alone with no one to keep me awake I decided it was a good time to retire to bed. I think I got back to my room at around 2.30am and I was asleep almost the instant my head touched the pillow.

It had been a very, very good day


Dan said...

Aaah. I remember those kinds of nights with the YSAs. Reminds me of the time when... (snoring).

Well, time for a brief glimpse of nostalgia before diving back into real life hurt nobody methinks.

Saxon said...

nostalgia is always fun