Tuesday, August 26, 2008

YSA Conference Day 3 Evening: Ramming that foot on in there

Of course if my humour and charmingness (wait I don’t think that’s a word oh well) were on top form during dinner they seemed to fail me spectacularly whenever I spoke to RN (who used to go to uni in Leicester) sister N, and it wasn’t a case of me jamming my foot in my mouth it was more of a case of ramming both feet firmly down my throat. Which probably was to do with the fact she couldn’t get my sense of humour at all. R on the other hand found it quite hysterical to watch. Oh well at least someone was enjoying themselves.

Getting back to the Centre we quickly found ourselves some seats in time for the start of the Fireside. Elder Kerr one of the Area authorities and his wife were speaking which made an interesting (wow I’m using that word a lot) change from Elder Johnson. It was a brilliant Fireside and you could really feel the spirit from the very start when there was a wonderful musical item.

After the fireside it was time for the Testimony meetings which were a highlight for many last year and many people were looking forward to again this year. We were spilt into groups again and my group (the blues) found itself in the one of the smaller rooms downstairs.

Now for some reason I get very nervous speaking in front of large crowds in a ‘official sense’ as it were, which is one of the reasons I was getting nervous when I gave that talk a few weeks ago in Loughborough. I wasn’t intending to get up but the spirit was just so strong and my heart was just hammering away I just knew I had to get up and bear my testimony.

I’m not sure what I said but I can say I meant it. When I sat down I felt such a feeling of peace and I could still feel the spirit there and for the looks on everybody elses face I knew I wasn’t alone in feeling that peace and spirit. That might sound a bit cliché but I’ve been thinking for ages and I really can’t put into words any better what I was feeling at that point.

All too soon the Testimony meeting came to an end. I really wouldn't have minded if it went on for another hour (even with those uncomfortable seats). But our time was limited as the staff who ran the centre needed to get home. So a large group of YSA began to gather and talk outside. I ran into the American girl from dinner who was talking with N and started chatting with them. However our conversation did get somewhat curtailed as some of her friends came over and started to talk to her included one lad who proceeded to have a indepth conversation with her about the history of the EU. I couldn't believe my conversation had been interupted by the one guy at the conference who could outgeek me on history.
but after the day I had, had I couldn't get mad about it. I just went to my room giggling to myself about the irony. I had finally been outgeeked on something!
Although if I had gone round to corner to find a guy talking about GW to a girl in great depth I was perfectly ready to start a fight to the death complete with Kirk versus spock music in the car park. GW Geekettes are hard to find.
Of course the flaw with that plan was that I realised was that I didn't have the Kirk versus spock music. Of course I then realised that was far from the only flaw with that plan and again collapsed into a fit of the giggles whilst getting changed imaging the kind of the report that the organisers would have to write if that did happen!
I headed out of my room with a big ear to ear grin. Things were great.


Anonymous said...

You simply must try harder. Being "outgeeked"! Shocking. Glad things were getting better though. Next time round - get the American girl's email address.

Saxon said...

I know. I couldn't believe it either