Monday, August 11, 2008

Not a good sign maybe?

Getting up late on a Monday is not usually a good sign that your in for a good day. Getting stuck behind a 4 wheel which was bleaching out a huge cloud of smoke every three minutes is also not a good sign, then getting stuck behind a tractor is likewise not a good sign also.

Fortunately for once these signs were not a indicator of how my day would turn out and it actually proved to be quite good. Well for a Monday anyway:-)

I was able to get a lot done at work which I was aiming to do as I want to make sure that everything is clear ready for when I go on Holiday next week. I'm just hoping something doesn't come up later in the week though to throw my plans into disaray.

I met photoshop and his lad J for Lunch as they had come for a visit to HQ. It was quite nice to see J so in awe of the place. Having Worked at HQ for so long it's easy to forget sometimes how awe inspiring it can be to people on their first visit and it's nice to be reminded of that from time to time.

We took the Fridge we had picked up for Tapdance on Saturday over to her new place this evening. Of course it started to rain as we were trying to get it in the car. Which for some reason was a lot more difficult then it had been on Saturday. After trying for a few minutes, Grumpy and I both looked at each other and Grumpy said " Something's not making sense here" at which point I collapsed into a fit of a giggles as Owen was sticking his head through the curtains and was looking at us with a look that seemed to say " yeah you two twits having to move that thing again" :-)

After running it over there and getting back I actually had sometime to do some more work on the Top secret project. It's starting to come along nicely now.

later folks!

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