Monday, August 25, 2008

YSA Conference 2008 Day 2 morning: Dancing fool

I had decided to leave my alarm clock on the far side of the room Friday night and it was a good thing that I did as otherwise I might have just rolled over, turned it off and gone straight back to sleep. But as I had to get out of bed to turn it off I avoided the temptation of going back to sleep. I took a shower wondering why I was paying for the privilage of having to get up at 7.30am on a Saturday in order to get breakfast. But then again I am usually a bit grumpy that early in the morning anyway. Heading out for breakfast I did see something that cheered me up.

Despite us having terrible weather forecast blue skies had actually appeared. Maybe it was going to be a good day after all. I wandered across to one of the resturants taking my time as of course I didn't have anyone to meet. It was the usual breakfast of lots of fried stuff which tasted better then it looked.

I then had even more spare time as the Saturday devotional didn't start until 10am!

The devotional was interesting. Especially as the speaker asked for 'audience particiption' by getting us to talk to people sitting next to us. There were some odd questions especially the one where we had to say what kind of 'sheep we were'. Non LDS readers trust me it will take far too long to explain.

Oh and it's been three years and those chairs in the centre are not getting any more comfortable!

After the Devotional it was time for our first group activities. As I was part of the Blues our first activity was 'date around'

The basic idea is everyone pairs up and a question is displayed on the screen. You then ask each other the question and discuss it. Then a statement flashes up saying " Move if....." some examples were, you've seved a mission, have a brother, been on Holiday this year etc. If this statemet doesn't apply you stay talking to the person asking questions, until a statement applies to one of you.

Sounds simple right?

Well the main problem we had was due to some YSA not listening to instructions half the green group crashed our date around workshop/event/thingie, I can't remember the official title right now, but this meant we had far far more boys then girls . Which meant quite often you were talking to guys instead of girls. Which was fine until I ended up taling with one guy and the question was " What's the msot attractive feature of the person opposite you" If it had been two girls having to answer that question I'm sure there would have been able to do it with no problems. With two guys, there was a long silence before I finally said " This is going to be a akward conversation isn't it?" He nodded and suggested we answered the last question again instead. The only other thing which happened was that people were supposed to be moving around fairly but when one girl was moving around and was supposed to come to me next as I was next in line. she looked at me, scoffed and walked past me dismissivly. I was left standing there like a idiot by myself. I simply tried to grin and not let it bother me but I didn't feel it was a good sign for my chances of meeting many new people at that point.

After date around it was time for our next activity. Ball room dancing. Now in this case not knowing anyone there was an advantage as if I did make a fool of myself there was no I knew to do it in front of!

Fortunatly this class when a lot more smoothly and I had a lot of fun. Plus I met my first really new person who I talked to in depth. What I mean by that is I had exchange plesantries with a couple of people the night before including a group of lads who had been trying to open a door using envelopes, not realising there were keys inside the envelopes they were supposed to be using! F who you can see in the photo below dancing with his partner who had come to the conference from France. It is no understatement to say he was exceptionally smooth with the ladies.

We did the Waltz and the Foxtrot and I was very pleased with myself as I didn't stomp on my partners feet once. What do you know? I do have some rhytum after all.

After dancing it was time for Lunch


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Dan said...

People can be SO RUDE! Having a conversation costs nothing. Nothing. One day that girlie will feel ashamed of how she behaves now. But we all learn our own lessons.

GO CHRIS with the ballroom dancing.

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true, true