Saturday, August 09, 2008

Wet, wet, wet, really really wet

Grumpy has a new joke at the moment which like most of his jokes was only funny the first two or three times he said it. He keeps looking into the sky and saying " I don't how much more of this summer Sun I can take". Which of course is him being saracastic because right now it's about as far from sunny as it can be. It's been raining all day and not just a little. A really steady slow montonous really really depressing rain.

And of course as it's a Saturday we had to go out in it.

First up we had to go into Loughborough where both Grumpy and I had to go to the bank. Which to be honest I've started to loathe as everytime I go in there they seem to want to sell me something. The nice staff members will get the hint and drop the it with your first no. The non nice ones will not get the hint and just keep going on and on and on!

After that very quick visit to the Bank we then had to head in Kegworth to pick a Fridge up for Tap dance. As we were struggling to get it into the back of the car whilst the rain lashed down and we got steadily wetter, I asked grumpy " How did we get stuck doing this in the rain?" He had no answer, which was funny and gave the both of us a fit of the giggles but didn't really help get the Fridge in the car. Or the rain lashing down.

So after going home and dropping the Fridge off in the Garage which was fun trying to fit it through the garage door, it was time for a quick change in a effort to get into some dry clothes before heading back into Loughborough again to do the food shopping. Owen was looking most confused by this point as he didn't seem to have a clue what we were up too.

So after putting up with the rain again, where we got very wet again. It was time to come home and stay here! I've been doing a few odd jobs around the house this afternoon watching the weather outside as it just keeps raining and raining and raining.

As long as it stops by the August Bank Holiday weekend I don't care.

later folks!

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