Wednesday, August 27, 2008

YSA Conference: Going Home

It was time to go home whether I liked it or not. As much as I had enjoyed myself it was time to load up the car and head to geektown. I packed my stuff and then went searching for my new aquaintences, making sure to say goodbye to each of them. Now I'm sure your wondering why I've been calling them aquaintences, well I'm not sure if in the time we had I could say for definite that I had become definite friends with any of them but I like to think I have laid some firm foundations that I could build on in future.

I headed for home after dropping my keys off. The advantage of driving by yourself is you can sing as loud as you want without getting funny looks from anyone else. Well in the car at least. It allowed me a moment of reflection about the weekends events. I had been worried to begin with but my fears had proved to be unfounded. I had, had a great time. If not the best time of any of the three conferences I had been too. Sure I would have loved for my close friends to be there, but being by myself had helped me put more effort into meeting new people and it had worked. I think I can safely say I met more new people at this conference then the past two. It seems the University Saxon who was able to speak to new people with confidence and make friends easier and be more confident in himself is still in here somewhere after all.

I pulled onto the drive at home exactly three days and five minutes after I had pulled out of it. After sorting out my gear I found a nice surprise. Not only had I made friends enough with someone to swap email addresses, someone else had added me to their facebook friends list. It seems I had made some new friends after all.

Thanks for staying with me folks. Thats as they say is that about YSA conference for another year


drat said...

facebook is the best! you can never have too many facebook friends! good on ya!

facebook is of course the ultimate "social network". yay for you!

Saxon said...

thank you :-)

anne said...

Well it sounds like you had a great time! Well done for going by yourself, it can be really hard to make yourself go to places where you may not know anybody. (I would have chickened out and not gone) I hope your looking forward to next years convention.

Anonymous said...

Waaah! You know that almost "homesick" feeling you get when it is time to leave the convention (well I used to get it anyway)... Well, I have it now, I almost feel like I was there myself and sorry to be back.

Thanks for sharing Chris, it was a great read, and well written. Brilliant human angles as well as what happened.

Saxon said...

I am looking forward to next years.

Saxon said...

I know what you mean Dan, there's the real sense of anti-climax and you don't want to go home. I certianly felt that last Monday