Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hot Water

I've not minded the sun so much during the past week or so. The Sun I can deal with, it's whe it gets all hot, humid and theres a general feeling of muggyness in the air that I feel uncomfortable.

Like today, it was fairly warm this morning anyway but then it started to rain. Really rain. I'm talking super mega heavy kind of rain for ten minutes. We all thought it might help clear the air. It didn't, it just made things turn all very muggy and generally yuck(technical term), so we had to turn the Air con on again, even though it was all overcast and dull outside.

We're having some weird weather right now.

The company who owns british Gas has announced records profits today of nearly a billion pounds. The day after British gas raised prices by 35%. Someone so did not think the timing of announcing that price rise through.

It took longer then usual to get home tonight. I was feeling annoyed until I passed the accident that was causing the jam and could see someone getting put into the ambulance and then I couldn't feel annoyed after that. I was going to get home tonight. They probably weren't, if the state of their car was anything to go by.

Only one more day to the weekend. Yah! And it's also only 20 days until my Birthday. Yep the big 27 is fast approaching and I still have no idea what I want. Plus it's not longer to conference which I am looking forward too. Even if it looks like I'll be going on my own.


later folks,

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