Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Getting better

The weather and by weather I mean heat has been much better today. In fact if it keeps to this kind of temperature all week I wouldn't mind in the slightist.

It was also a fairly good day at work too. Not too busy, but also not a case of having nothing to do. Just the right amount of work to get through the day without being rushed off my feet or bored.

Of course the downside to that is I have very little to write about today. Which as I've said before is a downside to trying to write a post a day . Some days you have lots of stuff to talk about and other days well you have nothing :-)

I'm spending the evening working on the top secret project. Which I'm sure by this point won't be have as interesting to you as you'd think it would be, but I'm still finding it fun.


later folks!

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