Sunday, July 06, 2008

Paging Common sense, Common sense to the chapel stat!

Well the day started off with the weather behaving the same way it's been behaving for the past few days. Seemingly totally unable to make up it's mind.

When I got the chapel the Car park was already remarkably full which did make me wonder if it there was goign to be a Baby's blessing as it was Fast Sunday. This was confirmed when I entered the chapel to find it full of people I didn't recognise. Engineseer and I managed to grab some seats in the Lounge and proceeded to watch in amazement and more and more people continued to pour into the chapel. In fact it got so full that there were people in the corridors a one point as there simply wasn't anymore room. I've never seen that happen before ever.

We had Brother C for our Sunday school lesson. I guess it's looks like the 'job share' is going to be alternating weeks. Traveller was also there as this was her Last Sunday before she heads out to Thailand. It's getting all too familiar saying goodbye to YSA as they head out overseas. I'm trying not to get paranoid :-)

Finally after Church I found out what had happened with the Elders. They came across to talk to me and said they had tried to call me but had the wrong number. So I double checked the number and it was correct. When I pointed this out they said when they had called the message didn't say 'Saxon' but a different name which is why they thought they had the wrong number. I pointed out that it was 'Grumpy's name ' on the message and that he was my Dad. They said that they didn't know that and had couldn't tell he was a relation. However when I pointed out that we both had the same surname and I don't have a particuly common surname they said they hadn't thought of that. I asked why they hadn't left a message anyway and they said that they thought it wasn't much use as they had left it a little late and rang at 7.20pm with the appointment details when the appointment was at 7.30pm? If that's their idea of a little late I hate to see what their idea of really late is!

Amazingly they then tried to set up another appointment without apologising for leaving it so late to contact me and when I said I was busy this week, they they proceeded to ask me if I was sure? And when I said yes I was sure then they asked if I was busy on Saturday. Which for the first time in ages I will be ( more news on that nearer the time). They seemed annoyed at that and just walked off after saying 'Thanks' in a very flat tone of voice.

I left the cultural hall wondering if the Elders had any common sense and if they spoke to everyone they tried to go out teaching with them like that when I walked into one of the Bishopric who asked where the bulletin was. I explained that I had no announcements so I couldn't do one, he then asked why I thought that I couldn't do the bulletin. Because it's the Announcements bulletin nad I had no annoucements? He disagreed and said I should do one anyway (?) as I could still put the order of service on the front and that I could have done one and people would have known what was going to happen in Fast and Testimony meeting. ( umm people bear their testimonys by any chance?) However I kept my mouth shut ( I'm getting better at that aren't you all impressed. No? okay then) and said fine. If thats what the bishopric want I guess that's what they get.

We had dinner quite late as Grumpy had gone in late. So we didn't have tea until quite late as well. But it didn't bother me that much as I had a lot of painting and reading to get done. I might actually get things cleared in time for this project :-)

Well it's Monday tomorrow. Back to work and hopefully it will be a good week again. I've still not lost that energised feeling, which I know isn't down to caffine as I haven't had a lot lately.

anyway, later folks!


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