Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Too clever for his own good

Owen appears to have learnt a new trick as Grumpy has now gone out three times leaving him in the kitchen with all the doors shut and when he's got home he's found him sitting on the settee in the Lounge looking rather pleased with himself. Yes Owen has figured out to open doors. Only the doors inside the house mind you not the front or back door fortuanately. Although if was able to work the locks that would be impressive.

The news is currently going nuts right now with the news that British Gas is putting gas prices up by 35% with immediate effect and electricity prices up by 9%. Coupled with the 15% increase in January as you can imagine People are not happy in the slightist. I think I'm going to have to buy some good jumpers for the winter.

Everybody is finding the new Pussy Cat Dolls song " I wanna grow up" extremely funny. There is a line in it which says " I wanna have groupies" however when they played it for the first time that's not what most people heard including the DJ's who were playing the song. People now know what the line is supposed to be but they can't help but hear what they heard the first time. Which means they descend into a fit of the giggles everytiem it's played. Mind you the PussyCat Dolls couldn't really be classed as a 'prim and proper' band anyway could they :-)

It was quite odd driving to work this morning. I got stuck in the first traffic jam I had been in for a long while but there didn't seem to be any reason for it. It just seemed to start and stop for no apparent reason whatsoever. Strange!

The top secret project is going well. Strangly enough I think writing a blog is actually helping with it as I'm finding it easier then I thought it would be. Of course saying that I've probably just fated myself but c'est la vie I guess.

We got a great bit of spam mail today. From someone claiming to represent Mr T and offering his services for advertistment. They even ended the email with " We pity the fool who doesn't take up this offer" For a bit of spam it was surprising well thought out.

It's also been a bit cooler today which I was totally fine with as it's been far too hot the past week or so. If it stays this temperature for the rest of the Summer I'll be more then happy.

later folks!

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