Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's sticking around

Well summer seems to have decided to stick around for a little while as it got hot today. Really, really hot. In fact so hot we actually turned the Air conditioning on at work. Which is actually a first for this summer. Even if we are half way through it.

I did have problems getting to work this morning as the neighbours we're having a skip delivered, so the large lorry dropping that off plus the two huge builders vans basically bocked the road so I couldn't get out. Fortuantely they only delayed me by ten minutes which wasn't so bad as it's the summer traffic is very light. If it had been school time it might have been a very different matter.

In the news today that bloke and his wife who gaked his suicide have been sent to jail for six years each. The wife tried to claim that it was very hard lying to her Sons and she didn't know how to tell them. Well I suppose she could have started with " By the way Dad's not dead" Just a thought.

Anyway I'm having a easy night tonight by just doing some painting and reading. I'm not really in a mood to do anything else.

That might sound lazy I know but at least I'm honest about it :-)

later folks!


drat said...

I know its just a typo but I had to read it 3 times "bloke and his wife who gaked his suicide"

gaked??? a suicide!?!

is that where you commit suicide by eating too much cake or something???

Saxon said...

yes, yes, me no typee da henglish gud