Saturday, July 19, 2008

Making your mind up

To say the weather hasn't been able to make it's mind up today would be a gross understatement. It seems to have been switching between Sunlight and heavy rain and I mean really, really heavy rain at the drop of a hat. As Grumpy and Owen found out this morning whilst out for a walk. Both of them were a bit soggy by the time they returned.

Loughborough was quite quiet this morning so we were able to get the shopping done fairly quickly even if due to us running out of a whole load of stuff at the same time it was hideously, hideously exspensive.

But C'est La vie I guess. At least we're well stocking now and it shouldn't be that exspensive again. At least I hope so :-)

Asides from that it was a pretty quiet afternoon. I spent a lot of time reading and doing some work on my talk and if I'm honest having a bit of a afternoon snooze too. Being woken up so early by Owen for so many days running was starting to catch up with me.

Well It's Sunday tomorrow. I had no announcements for it again. Although the announcements from last week still 'count' so at least it won't be blank. I suppose I should have expected I would keep having these problems especially after I explaing it to my Home teacher and he 'laughed'.

Oh well. I can but hope things will get better.

Later folks!

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