Thursday, July 17, 2008

Slowly and surely

Owen seems to be imprving, even if it is a bit slow as he waited till 5.45am before he started barking this morning. Grumpy is wondering if it's a combination of him being very nervous and not wanted to be left on his own and the fact it's light at that time of the morning and as far as he can see if he's up why isn't everybody? All I can hope at this point is that he will start to improve otherwise I'm going to need to go to bed a lot earlier as I don't think I can keep going getting woken up that early every morning.

Grumpy's fine about it of course. Mainly as once he takes his hearing aids out he can't hear a thing :-)

In the news today, well it seems like a fairly even spilt between the media going on about how all our energy prices are going to go through the roof and the latest outfits certain celebrities are wearing. Interesting insight into what we consider important issues these days isn't it?

Asides from all that, it's just been another, same old, same old day.

boring I know,

oh well.

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