Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Tempus Fugit

It was a shock to realise this morning it was Wednesday already. Where the heck is the time going at the moment?

Anyway at least it was a bit cooler today then yesterday unfortunatly the flip side of this was that it was more humid. Never mind at least it wasn't raining :-)

In the news today apparently there is going to be a Friends movie. Gee I wonder what bought that on *cough sex and city movie cough cough*

It was also a very good day at work as well, even if I ended up stuck in overflow car park. Well on the bright side it's the first time I've had to park down there in Months. I don't know what it is about this week but I feel really energised and I'm getting loads done at home as well as work. Now if I can only keep that going :-)

Asides from all that it's been a fairly quiet day. I suppose that's a problem trying to do a blog post every day. You run out of stuff to say sometimes. Not that I've got any intention of giving up doing a post every day. I've done at least one post per day so far this year and I really want to keep that going.

One of the films I can't wait to see this summer is Wall E. Pixar always do good films and it looks like this one will be no exception.

Wall E looks like a great character even if he does look a lot like Johnny 5 ( wow wait showing my age there)


later folks!


adam said...

My new TV show starts next week! Check out the sneak peeks I will be uploading over the next few days. every day I will upload a new update! wooo!

Adam Montandon said...

oh yeah the url is

Saxon said...

Cool. Even if you are quite shameless when it comes to self promotion :-)

drat said...

yep! gotta get those ratings in!!!