Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's still summer

I'm currently sitting in Grumpys office with a view out of the window as I sit here and type this. It has been yet another beautiful day with lots of Sunshine and clear blue skies. It seems that it is actually Summer, believe it or not. It's also been nice as the temperature has been very mid range as it were. Not too hot and not too cold. and now I sound like someone out of the Three bears.

Anyway, what's also made the day good is that several super markets decided to do big cuts in petrol so the petrol stations had to follow suit otherwise they knew people would be going to the supermarkets instead. Case in point, the garage in Hathern was £1.19 this morning and on the way home £1.15! I like those sort of price cuts. Long may they continue.

The top secret project was work is now coming along nicely as I've actually been able to start it. More news on that when I say something!

I've managed to finish the first draft of my talk for Sunday. Whether or not it actually makes any sense is another matter entirely. Grumpys currently reading it through for me now.

We're still having problems with Owen overnight. He's now really shredded the kitchen door. We think we're going to have to get a new one as we don't want the glass to fall out and hurt him. As you can imagine Grumpy isn't impressed with that.

All the fun of havinga pet I guess :-)

later folks!


anne said...

So, whats the title of your talk?

Saxon said...

spiritual gifts