Monday, July 21, 2008

It's made it's mind up

The weather seems to have put the last few days of seeming to change it's mind every five minutes and actually stayed sunny all day today. Which made a nice change and a reminder that despite appearences we are actually in Summer.

Owen seems to be back sliding rather then continuing to get better. I have no idea of exactly what time it was that he started barking this morning but it was still dark at the time. In fact he made such a racket he eventually woke Grumpy up sometime around 5.30, who decided to get up and see to him because he was worried he was starting to bother the neighbours. Oh well it at least allowed me to go back to sleep for a couple of hours.

Quote of the day from work;
" She's either a spambot or seriousily unhinged"
Please don't ask!

For a Monday work was pretty good and quiet which is always good too as it allows me to get a lot more done. Hopefully it will last out for the rest of the week. ( I know, I know quite probably a vain hope but I am trying to be more optomistic these days.)


later folks!

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