Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Rolling along, singing a song stuck in yet another stupid traffic jam

There was good sign that it was going to be one of those days when I was woken up to the sound of rain and a lot of it hitting my bedroom window and then when I went to leave the house I found that the builders who are working on a house across the way managed to park their cars and van around the close in such a way I ended up having to reverse out onto the main road wth next to no room to move the car in.

After finally managing to get on the main road and start rolling, on the way out of geekville I ended behind a car which starting to indicate that it was turning left so I slowed down. It then started to indicate turning right for three seconds, before then signalling turning left again, before then going back to right and it went on like this for the next half a mile before it finally stopped indicated and picked up speed. Leaving me throughly confused and wondering what the rest of the day had in store for me.

Of course work had it's fair share of confusing incidents from trying to figure out why we had two identical boxes full of books to who called the printer engineer and it was one of those days where ever thing seemed to drag so slowly.

At which point the rain decided to start again and it hasn't really stopped since. But it could be worse in some places they've had a weeks worth of rain overnight and some places were forcast to recieve a months rain in one day. Apparently flood warnings have already started to appear and we're all getting a hideous sense of deja vu.

Someone did point out one of our guys is holidaying down south and might get flooded out. However said guy is on a canal boat as he's having a boating holiday so he's probably more secure then most right now.

Late afternoon news started spreading that there had been a big accident on the motorway it was closed between two junctions which were either side of Nottingham. Which of course meant we were going to get the motorway traffic hitting the city from both ways. The inevitable result? Gridlock which wasn't helped in the slightist by the rain. It did seem like a scene out of a disaster movie watching the traffic jam information page on the bbc website. Everytime you hit refresh a new warning appeared about a blocked road.

Of course muggins here had no choice but to leave the confines of work to head for home and one hour 10 minutes later, here I am.

I really hate traffic sometimes.

I've just been checking the email account for bulletin announcements. Surprise, surprise it's empty! So there's a good chance I'm doing a ward announcements bulletin with no announcements this week. Weird I know but mine is not to reason why :-)

Anyway, I'm having a semi-easy night tonight. Watch some telly, catch up on a bit of reading and then get on with some work I need to finish before the top secret project can swing into action.

A geeky evening I know but still better then usual :-)

later folks!

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