Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nothing deep and profound

Well the energy I had seems to have gone (hopefully only for now) as I seemed to have had a very looonnggg day. Which didn't start especially well as I overslept and had to run round the house like a muppet in a effort to leave on time.

I then had to wait in a queue to get some petrol, which is now £1.18. Well it could be worse I suppose as it's still cheaper then a lot of places.

All of the newspaper headlines were screaming about how the governments new car tax plans means more then 9million motorists will be worse off then the government previousily admitted. I found it a interesting headline, not for the fact that all the motorists were worse off more that people were surprise that a tax was going to hit more people then the government said.

I know, I know I really am too cynical for my own good sometimes.

Work was also long as well. Not in a bad way, just one of those days where it seemed to really drag time wise but I wasn't able to get everything I wanted done. It was frustrated.

On the plus side, there was next to no traffic on the way home so I made the trip really quickly so I've got lots of time this evening to get some stuff done. I am pleased with myself in that sense as I've been able to get loads done this week in the evenings. I'm being constructive, yah! No idea how long that will last though :-)

It's teachers Birthday so;

" Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Teacher, Happy Birthday to you"

As you might have guessed Teacher isn't her real name.


later folks!

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