Monday, July 07, 2008

Well at least I get out sometimes

Apparently the BBC has had over 2500 complaints about the season finale of Doctor Who. Not over the plot, acting, any scary or bits people might have thought were inappropriate mind you. Nothing as sensible as that. The complaints were that these 2500 very clever people saw a number in the show which was the 'Doctors phone number', decided to call it and were then angry to discover it was a non existant phone number. Now leaving aside the obivous thoughts just what the heck did these people expect was going to happen. The doctor was going to answer? Then again if they really did think that they've got bigger problems then calling a fake phone number.

Weather news, apparently we're heading towards one of the wettest summers on record which will be equal to last summer which leads me to two thoughts. Firstly I really hope their wrong and secondly considering we're already a 'month' into summer then when the rain started last year and it's going to be equally bad does this mean we're going to get more rain in a shorter period?

There's been a good strike againist the old Political Correctness brigade as that teacher who I mentioned last week that punished two lads for failing to pray to Allah in a RE lesson has been suspended.

However the Political correctness brigade then stuck again somewhere else. In Bristol the council has run into opposition after announcing they were going to remove some bushes from a local beauty spot as they were told that this was discriminatory towards a certain group who shall we say use this area for certain activities ( which can be classified as illegal or offensive under law) at night. Words really do fail me on this occasion.

Anyway onto other things.

Work was good today but it seemed really long for some reason. We've all had them one of those days where time just ticks past ever so sssslllloooowwwwwlllyyyyyy........ But on the plus side I was still able to get lots done even if it felt like it took forever.

I haven't been able to get started on the top secret project yet but hopefully I will be able to do so soon when some certain bits arrive. Of course I am starting to worry that referring to it as the top secret project is building up a bit too much. Because it's not like I'm planning to take over the world.

or am I?

he, he, mwah, ha, ha, ha.

okay that's enough.

later folks!

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