Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Well at least someone found it funny

I've just been spending a little time looking around the web at LDS blogs and I found one blog which apparently deals with issues/ is a survial guide for Mormon girls dealing with the single life in the church.

Of course slightly intrigued I decided to have a quick read, as it's always good to have a Female perspective. Or at least that's what I thought.

The latest blog post deals with what is apparently a issue many single mormon girls have to deal with. The issue " Is he gay?" This wasn't a issue I was aware girls were having to deal with on a regular basis so I guess you learn something new everyday. The post then goes onto list the 'flags' that girls should look out for that indicate he is gay. It didn't say whether or not these were scientifically proven flags mind you. Anyway.

For example, apparently one of the flags girls should look out for is to Ask him point blank if he is gay before you ever get engaged. It doesn't say when you should ask this question, hopefully she doesn't mean right before he finishes the proposal whilst he's down on one knee otherwise it might take the shine off the occasion a little bit.

When Grumpy came upstairs I pointed this out to him as he finds things like this funny. He then found it even more funny when I noticed one of the flags near the bottom of the list
"He’s been single for a long time and not dating anyone."

He went away laughing and I have a feeling I'm going to be hearing jokes about this one for days.

oh well.


drat said...

hey man that sounds funny. what is the link to the blog about checking to see if your boyfriend is gay? the asking part could save a lot of time!!

Nemesis said...

You know, the girl is right in saying that it's something we have to think about. I'm usually not worried that I'm DATING someone who is gay. But sometimes when the guys in your ward aren't into you, they're REALLY not into you. If you know what I mean.

Saxon said...

Ask Drat and you shall recieve.


Saxon said...

well I would hope the guys in the ward aren't into me..... Oh wait I get what you mean :-)

In all seriousness it's never occured to me that this would be something Church girls have to think about.

Anonymous said...

"So in conclusion, you are better off not marrying a gay man."


Saxon said...

It is funny! I wonder if that last line might have been written by someone from University of the blindingly obivous.