Tuesday, July 01, 2008

feeling hot, hot, hot,

Well it's been the hottest day of the year so far with lots of sunshine and beautiful clear blue skies. It's summer alright yet not as we know it :-)

Of course it was interesting trying to keep the temperature fairly cool in the office as we have to do a delicate balancing act between opening the windows and putting the air con on. The slight quirk we have with our air con is that it's too good. It gets far too cold too quickly and makes the office freezing! Of course it is a unique quirk I suppose. Our air con works too well!

I've also just been looking at google earth which to be fair I haven't found much use for it yet asides from wasting time but there is something so addictive about it once you start looking stuff up. I was looking at work and pleased to discover they've finally got round to updating that area as our large warehouse down the road didn't appear on it until recently. It was just showing as a patch of dirt. I'm not sure why but it was amusing to see a huge warehouse not exist according to Google!

I was wondering about my art tastes today and whether or not I'm 'with it' ( no obivous jokes please) as I saw a news story about a new bit of art work at the Tate Britain Gallery. It's a live art performance called work. no 850 and involves a person running as fast as they can every 30 seconds through the Gallery. Now is anybody else wondering how that is art? Or is it just me?

any folks later!

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