Saturday, July 26, 2008

In that sort of state of mind

I've been staring out of the window Of Grumpys office for the past few minutes as I've been contemplating writing todays post. I've been doing a lot of thinking today about things and I suppose the best way I can describe my state of mind right now is nervous. Nervous about my Talk tomorrow, nervous about the forthcoming YSA conference as it looks like I'll be going on my own, nervous that I'm loosing my place in the YSA, nervous that I've not got many friends at church and even less in Loughborough and nervous that I've seem to stop asking for help like I used to. I know that half of this is probably just my good old paranoria kicking back in full force but it' just been one of those days where everything I seem to have done to try and take my mind off things has only lead to me dwelling on stuff even more!

I don't know. I've really try to get this confidence thing sorted as I'm my own worst enemy sometimes as if I screw up nobody beats me down as badly as I do myself. I think I just let things get too me too much sometimes. I got that sorted at work, now I just have to try and do it at 'home'.

Grumpy had to take Owen to the vets this morning to get him microchipped. Owen has in turn seemed to be in a bit of a grump with him all day in turn, which I can understand because if somebody stuck a large needle in me I wouldn't be too happy about it either! Owen also seems ot have developed a fondness for playng with socks as he keeps nicking them from Grumpys laundry basket. On the plus side it does mean that for the first time ever Grumpy actually has any excuse if he can't find a pair of socks. He can just blame owen :-)

It's been another lovely hot day today so I've been able to wear shorts all day. Loughorough was also quiet when we went shopping. I think it's because it's the end of the month and people are getting low on cash. It will probably be a lot busier next week once people got paid.

I've just printed off the bulletins for tomorrow. I only got one announcement this week and that was details of a funeral, which isn't the nicer announcement to make. The two new Elders are giving Talks tomorrow but they had only been put on the agenda as " New Elder's talkx2" I emailed the Bishopric asking for their names and they emailed back saying they couldn't remember the names and said I should call them. That would have been a great phone call wouldn't it
" Hi Elders, I know you were asked to talk but neither I or the Bishopric can remember your names, can you tell me what they are?"

Fortunately Engineseer spoke to the Elders while I was talking to him online and he was able to get their names, wthout us having to mention that the Bishopric couldn't remember.

Speaking of Church that remids me, we'll probably be getting a viit from the Home teachers tomorrow as it's the end of the Month. They like to come round on Sundays for some reason. Whether or not Engineseer and I will be able to go hometeaching before the end of the month is another matter as we've only just been given our hometeaching list. I guess the EQ President must operate on MMT.

Anyway, wish me luck for tomorrow and think good thoughts.

later folks!


anne said...

Hope the talk goes well, Mum said she read it and it was good, so don't worry, you'll be fine.

Also, whose funeral is it?

Good luck for tomorrow

Saxon said...

ken pooles

anne said...

Oh thats very sad, what a lovelyy man he was, he will be missed.

Saxon said...

yeah he will be