Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Here'sssss Owen

Well I noticed that at least a couple of you wanted to see some pictures of the latest addition to the Saxon Household and here he is. These two photos are of Owen and Grumpy in our Living room.

and here's Owen in his 'favourite spot' by the fireplace. I don't know what it is about that spot but he always goes and sits there curling himself into a ball.
We've also discovered that he 'sighs' when he lays down, in what sounds like a sigh of long suffering. We did discover this morning that he really, really didn't like being left in the Kitchen when we went to Bed and spent a while trying to get out. In fact he managed to do this to the kitchen door.
Grumpy was not impressed in the slightist. However we're hoping it will just be a one off as it was his first night and he was nervous, otherwise if he keeps gnawing/scratching at things we might have a problem.
So if any Dog owners have had a similiar problem with their dogs and have any advice on how to stop them doing it please let us know!
later folks!


Rhonda said...

Ohhh, dogs that scratch. Our dog has ruined so many screen fronts on our front door.

If you come across any solution...short of giving "dog" away... let me know. Those screens on the door are starting to add up! LOL

Saxon said...

we did find some spray thingey which seems to have stopped him going after the door. It makes it smell and taste bad