Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It's been yet another long day

The day started a awful lot earlier then I wanted it too this morning as Owen decided to start barking his head off at around 5am. Of course Grumpy can't hear him so it only bothers muggins here.

When I went downstairs for breakfast I discovered that dispite Grumpys attempts at protecting the Kitchen door by putting a large heavy mat in front of it, Owen had managed to work round it. He had shreded the mat on one side allowing it to swing down letting him get to the door which he proceeded to have a go at again.

As you can imagine Grumpy was once again not impressed at all. He's been out today to get some stuff to put on the door which is supposed to stop dogs chewing on it. Here's hoping it works.

The government has announced that their suspending the 2p fule tax rise in October. Yaah! Some people aren't impressed with it considering fuel went up a average of 5p in June but I'm trying to look on the bright side. It's not going to be going up by 2 p. As the tesco advert says " Every little helps".

A load of council workers were on strike today protesting about their pay increase this year and want one above the rate of inflation, a whopping 6%, which is twice what I recieved so as you can imagine I wasn't especially sympathic but all of my sympathy rapidily disappeared when it showed a interview with a guy who works in a library bleating about how he can't afford to live on his pathethic salery which was a grand and a half more then I get! So cheer up Mate, it could be worse!

Anyway it was a fun day at work today and we had some new books arrive which is always interesting. So I have a lot of reading to do now.

Best go get started!

later folks.


Adam Montandon said...

Hey, did you see dr who confidential on bbc3 last night? Did you keep watching.........

Saxon said...

No I forgot to watch.

Adam Montandon said...

get on the iplayer!!!