Thursday, July 03, 2008

Hanging out under the cloud of Damocles

It had been an okay morning weather wise. Not that Sunny but not that cold either. Then it began to get cloudly, then it starting getting dark. Rather dark for a mid day which meant one thing and one thing only. Rain! and lots of it. Looking out the window we could see the dark rain clouds overhead. And then it started to rain. Lots and lots of rain. Really hard giant rain too. Fortunatly as we're in the main building we can take the covered bridge to get to the canteen. There's nothing better to help cheer you up over a bad rain storm then being able to watch it from inside :-)

However by afternoon somewhat strangly the clouds disappeared and we got bright blue sky and lots and lots of Sunshine. The weather really seemed to be struggling to make up it's mind today.

I was also supposed to be going out with the Elders tonight to visit two of our new Home teaching families. The EQ president hasn't given us details of where our families are so we can't go ourselves. The Elders said that they would call me with the details and I heard nothing, zip, nada. So I have no idea what happened there at all :-) Guess I'll find out Sunday.

It's going to be a marie celestie day at work tomorrow as a whole lot of people are out of the office. Which is okay as although it's a bit boring it does help you really concentrate.

Theres a small glimer of hope on the petrol prices front as the government is thinking of post poning the 2 pence fuel duty rise in October as the fuel prices are already at stupid levels and continuing to climb. I think however they'll probably avoid making a decision until nearer the time as if petrol goes down they'll do it and if it doesn't go down they can postpone it, make themselves look good and still be happy with the oddles of extra money they've pulled in in tax.

Wait getting cynical again. Trying to stop that. And as anyone who knows me knows. I'm very trying :-)

later folks!

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