Sunday, July 20, 2008

Still making it's mind up.

Althought it hasn't been as pronounced as it as yesterday the weather has continued to fail to make it's mind up tody as it's been switching from overcast to Sunny on what seems like a minute by minute basis.

Church was very much on the quiet side today. I'm guessing a lot of people are off on their Summer Holidays. I did almost get annoyed with one member who when I laid the bulletins out said he thought they were a bit late and I hadn't even moved out of earshot before I herd him start complaining to his wife over the fact that the innvocation and benediction were marked as TBC. He didn't mention however how I'm supposed to put the peoples information in, in advance when people are not asked/assigned until just before the start of sacrement mind you.

I actually got to Church quite early (for once) and as I was sitting in the chapel looking around one thought did strike me. I don't really know that many people there. The ones I do know I know quite well and I know a lot of the other people by sight and in some cases their 'last names' but that's about it. Which I know is really quite bad. And depressing in a way because with the YSA so thinned out now I could do with some more friends at Church. Not forgetting Social who I still don't know what to do there as she still doesn't seem to want to talk to me which is frustating because I miss talking to he and she seemed to stop talking to me initially over a 'slight' which I hadn't done. She asked for space from people and we gave it to her but ut's just gotten to a point now where I don't know if I can keep hanging on' to see if she decides she want's to start talking to us again. Argghhhh!! It's all so complicated. Why can't anything be simple anymore?


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