Tuesday, July 08, 2008

500 and feeling fine

Well I thought I'd start by pointing out a little fact. This is post 500! That's right it's my 500 post since I've started my blog which is weird as it doen't seem that long since I started.

Anyway, asides from reaching this milestone it's been pretty much a standard day as in get up, go to work, do work, come home. Boring I know but that's the problem with doing posts mid week. They all start becoming very groundhog dayish (if that's even a phrase).

In the news today experts warn that Britain could ( they said could not would mind you) face a recession in Months. And from the looks of things the media will be doing their level best to help talk us into one too.

Also our Prime minster has been putting his foot in it again. Not only has he been telling us that we buy too much food and should cut back as we waste too much food which is driving prices up ( no I'm not totally sure how that supposed to work either) and he announced this just before sitting down to a three course meal which compised 19 dishes ( wonder if he eat them all?). He has just announced that our high petrol prices will actually benefit motorists ( what the heck?) as it will help as it will speed the development of new technologys and reduce the prices on eco cars so families can afford them. Of course he fails to explain how most families who can't afford a new 'normal' car can afford one of these new eco cars but I'm sure he has a plan.

Probably involving yet another tax. ( Oh wait getting political there).

The YSA conference is getting closer. It's looking almost certain Engineseer isn't going and I haven't heard anything from Fraggle so it's looking increasingly likely it will be just me going and not just from the three of us, it looks like I might be the only one going from the ward. Eek! Not sure what I'm going to do, hmm maybe talk to new people :-) Maybe I could get a t-shirt made
" I'm the only one here from my ward and don't know anyone outside of my stake, please talk to me?"
Might be a bit wordy though, how about
" Please talk to me?"
That might sound a bit odd or crazy( no jokes)

any suggestions from anyone?

Of course with conference coming up it means my Birthday is coming up soon as well. Another year closer to the big 30. sigh maybe it is time to book that place in the oap home :-)

Thats all for today folks. It's time for me to go and chase people again for bulletin announcements.

Later folks

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