Sunday, July 27, 2008

It ain't half hot

I was expecting it to be really hot today and I wasn't disappointing as it was so warm I seemed to be sweating as soon as I got up which didn't fill me with for confidence for how warm it would be when I put my suit on.

When I got to the chapel I had to remember to go and sit on the stand rather then find a seat in my usual place. The bishopric said that the ward seemed to be thin o nthe ground, but their still looked more then enough people in there to me. Our Home teacher came across to have a word before the start of sacrement to give me a couple of pieces of advice on speaking which was nice. Although one of the bishopric almost undid that by coming across and the very first thing he asked was " Nervous?". IT was also extremely hot up there on the stand and I could feel myself starting to sweat. However this wasn't all down to nerves. Oh no. No it was influenced quite significantly by the fact that someone had turned the heating on in the chapel. Yes you read that correctly in the middle of a heatwave somebody turned the freaking heating on!

Well all too soon it was my turn and the stand and for all the worry and preperation the time seemed to fly by and afterwards several people said they liked my talk so I guess I must have made some sense after all.

After church I got back to the car park and got into the car and had to immediately had to jump out as it was so hot! I was in Grumpys car so I was able to lean in open the windows and turn on the AC and get back in. At which point I had a look at the temperature gauge and it was a showing a whopping 46! Which explained why the car was like a oven. Fortunately it started to cool down relatively quickly once I started driving but only down to 35.

It was definately turning into a hot day.

In fact it got so hot we had to find our fan out to cool down. Owen didn't like it at all as he didn't know what to make of it and went to sit by Grumpy hiding behind his legs, but he kept putting his head out every coulple of moments to keep an eye on it. However he soon got used to it and seemed to appreciate it's benefits as he's been lying in front of it ever since!

I've just spent the afternoon not doing too much, it's been too hot for anything else.

If it's this hot tomorrow I hope we're going to turn on the AC at work otherwise I'm going to melt!

Anyway that's tomorrow. Yes It's Monday time to face another week of work and the challenges that will bring. Well on the plus side I will actually have some money next week and that's always nice. How long I keep the money is another matter entirely:-)

later folk!

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