Monday, July 28, 2008

Its still too darn hot

Theres one thing right now which would make our house so great and that is Air conditioning as it's just too darn hoootttttttt.....................

Fortunately we were able to turn the AC on at work so it was nice and cool in the office but everytime you went outside it was like walking into a wall of hot air. I had to open all of the windows in the car and the sunroof and let the air ventilate for a few minutes before I could drive home this evening it's been that darn hot!

The Fan has gone from being a item of mystery to Owen to being his new favourite thing as whenever we turn it on we can't get hi mto shift from in front of it. But I suppose if I had that much fur in this sort of heat I wouldn't want to move from in front of a nice cool fan either!

The secret project is coming along nicely. But it has to remain top scret for now.

Asides from all that it's been a pretty quiet day.

and a hot one too :-)

later folks!

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