Friday, July 25, 2008

The wonders of technology

It was great today at work. Not because of any work I had to do, or any samples that may have turned up or anything shiny I managed to blag oh no. It was because they actually turned the air conditioning on and left it on all day. Ahhh, Bliss.

It was also nice as because it's Friday the traffic is even lighter in the morning and in the evening ( I don't know about mid day though :-) So I was actually on most of the roads actually get up to the speed limit, which in some places made a nice change as well.

We did get something nice and shiny arrive at work today though. We're doing a new range of A2 posters which are brillent because you don't see sometimes just how much detail goes into the artwork on some of our books once their shrunk down to, well book size. I would dearly love to get a couple of the posters actually except I don't have anywhere I can put them :-( Oh well, at least it saves me some money.

My talk, is finished. I think it makes sense and Grumpy and Engineseer seem to think it does too. Whether or not I will actually make sense when I try to give the talk on Sunday is another matter entirely. It might come across really clearly or might become totally incomprehensible when I realise I'm standing in front of the whole congregation and start babbling. Plus I get two people giving testimonys in front of me and Bro H is givign a talk after me! Eeekk!! Well I suppose it could be worse, Bro H could be giving a talk before me then I would be in real trouble.

I'm going to try and take things easy for Tonight and tomorrow, mainly so I can keep myself calm so I don't go and freak out about giving the talk and because ( and this is the main reason) it's nearly the end of the month and I have no money.

Oh well. I guess I'll be off to sit in the back garden and watch the sun set. Well either that or read a book.

Decisions, decisions :-)

later folks

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