Saturday, July 12, 2008

A whole new respect

Well after surving the Day I have to say that I have a whole new level of respect from what our guys in our retail chain do. It's hard work and a lot of the time it's pretty thankless but they still get on with things with a cheery smile and a happy attitude. I will be heading into work on Monday morning with a new found thankfulness that when I deal with customers I at least have the added benefit of a barrier of phone or email between me and them rather then having to deal with them face to face all of the time. The day was a lot of fun mind you and I learnt a lot, even how to work the till despite one comment from one of the retail staff
" Don't worry it's completely idiot proof"
sounded more like a challenge then a statement. However my feet don't half hurt now as I'm not use to spending 8 hours on them. Of course I expected and got no sympathy from Engineseer or his Brother " The other one" In fact I think the comment I got from him was " Welcome to my world"

After such a long day I've spent most of this evening taking things very easy and keeping my feet up. However I did get a call from Bro K from the Bishopric as they want me to do a talk. Argghhhh!!!! I don't like standing up there speaking it makes me really nervous for some reason. Well that and the fact I don't think I've given a talk in over seven years probably isn't helping my nerves. I did smile though when Bro K said the new system they've started to use indicated I haven't given a talk in the last seven months. Little longer the that matey!

I also discovered this evening that the Saxon household is about to gain a new member. Grumpy decided to day that he was going to get a dog. Apparently he was out and about and went past a kennels and decided to go and have a look. He said he couldn't resist all the cute strays and decided to get one. Apparently the Dogs name is Owen and he's due to pick him up on Monday. Lets hope he brings some good luck with him as my car's going in for a service on Monday and we all know how lucky I am usually when it comes to anything car related.

I've just been reading a rather funny story about a Reverend who wanted to teach his congregation a lesson about being kind to others came up with a rather colourful way of demonstrating his point. As the 70 churchgoers turned up for their regular Sunday morning service at the Methodist church in Prestatyn, north Wales they found a scruffy tramp sitting in the church porch. Stinking of beer and dressed in filthy clothes, the disgusted churchgoers did their best to ignore him as they filed past. This task was made even harder when the unwanted guest joined them on the pews, surrounded with syringes and drinking from a can of lager. They were therefore astounded - and perhaps more than a little embarrassed - when the ‘tramp’ threw off his scruffy clothes, removed his wig and revealed himself as their minister.
The Reverend pulled the stunt to remind the congregation about a passage in the Bible when Jesus’ disciples failing to recognise him because of the way he was dressed.

Well I guess that's one lesson they had at church that they won't forget in a hurry.

later folks!


Adam Montandon said...

wow. what an amazing idea! well done to him! appearances can be deceiving!

Saxon said...

Yes, I'll remember to look out for the bishop first if we ever find a down and out out of the front of the chapel.