Monday, June 30, 2008

Ohh Shiny

Well it's been a good day weatherwise. It's not been that sunny or hot but at least it hasn't been raining which is a vast improvement over what we had to cope with last year.

It was a good day at work too. Especially as a new book that I have really been looking forward to arrived. So I have yet more stuff to read :-) If I didn't have such a good memory I'm sure I would have problems keeping track of all of the books in the range. It isn't what you could call a 'small range'.

I've also chosen to do something as part of a new project which is quite interesting. But I can't go into any details yet. But it sounds quite fun and will give me a chance to do something different.

There was a new advert on the TV tonight for a anti persperant deoderant that I found quite funny as it's proud boast was that it had been tested in the hottest place on earth and it still worked. It might just me but if I was in the hottest place on Earth I wouldn't be worried whether or not I was sweating. Maybe it's just me and my logical thinking.

Anyway asides from that it's been pretty much a standard day.

later folks!

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