Saturday, September 12, 2009

Yeah what ever

I read that there was scientific study ( obivously once again done by the scientists of we don't have anything better to be doing university) that pets don't have expresssions at all. I.e they don't look happy, sad or guilty and it's just the owners projecting emotions onto said pet.

The conclusion of this report only lead me to the conclusion that none of said scientists can own a pet! Although they could always own Fish I suppose, I don't think their too expresive. At least they weren't the last time I checked.

The weather threw another random day at us as apparently there was thick fog first thing this morning and was rather cold. At which point it then proceeded to turn into a very nice day with clear skies and bright sunshine.

However I missed a large chunk of it as I made the stupid error of lying down to read a book this afternoon after we had got back from shopping and next thing I know it's almost three hours later. I think it's someone way of telling me I need to get to bed earlier.

Still I finished the book whilst getting Tea ready. It was called 'Flood' and is a disaster 'epic' about what happens when the water levels worldwide start to rise and don't stop. The book ends with Mount everest disappearing under water. It's kind of like Waterworld with out the plot holes and wooden acting :-) Although I was am starting to wonder why in disaster books or alternate history the church always ends up being portrayed as a bunch of raving survialists types who seize control of utah and refuse to let anyone else in unless they become a member.

I also watched the first of the films multi-task had sent me. After much pondering I decided to go with Singles ward. Which I have to admit was quite good and very funny even though I'm sure none LDS wouldn't get half of it! It was also quite weird with some of the characters as I couldn't help but get the feeling like I'd met some of them before :-)

Chocolate lovers will not be happy today as apparently the makers of galaxy after putting the price of their bars up will now be reducing the size of the bars but not the price. So you will be getting less of the good stuff for your money.

In movie news there's going to be a new pirates of the carribean film. Lets hope it's going to be much, much better then the last one.


Later folks

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