Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Manchester YSA Conference 2009: Monday Morning " Winding Down"

Monday morning bought with it proof that you do get rewards if you follow that old saying “ Early to Bed, Early to rise” .

As I had gone to bed relatively early compared to a vast chunk of the rest of the YSA I got up for breakfast, unlike everybody else. When I went into the restaurant for breakfast there was the grand total of one other YSA in their. The staff had even come out from behind the counters and were sitting around drinking tea ( they weren’t church members before anybody worries) as they had so little to do. With such a lack of YSA this meant that they had mountains of fried breakfast slowly spoiling and were more then a little generous. In fact I had to ask them to stop piling stuff on which for all those of you who know me well gives you an idea of just how much they were piling on!

After such a hearty breakfast it was a slow walk back to my room.

I headed out to the devotional early in order to dump some bags in the car. Well it made sense as I was going that way after all.

I ran into J Alfred coming the other way rubbish bag in hand as he had volunteered to clean up the ‘quad’ as area where most YSA hang out on Sunday nights. I offered to give him a hand and was pretty dismayed to see the state of the quad. There was rubbish everywhere. Now I’ll admit that some of it may have been blown out of an overflowing bin but a lot of it was probably more likely down to laziness. Whilst cleaning J Alfred announced that he had already reaped the rewards of service as he triumphantly held up a whole 13 pence he had found on the floor.

There were quite a few empty chairs for the morning devotional; I guess a lot of YSA were still slumbering in the depths of their rooms after their late night/early morning. It was a good devotional plus J Alfred and I got a mention/thank you ( but not by name only as ‘two guys’ which still counted as we knew who we were) as when they announced the service projects it turned out that by litter picking we had accidentally already fulfilled one of the service projects.

There were three service projects to choose from. Either writing your testimony on one of 300 hundred books of mormon which would be distributed throughout the UK to be given out by missionaries. Colouring in play mats with wax crayons which would be given to disadvantaged children or building bird boxes.

Plus there was also another sweep of the campus to check for Litter that J Alfred and I joined in with.

For the closing ceremony they started off with a slideshow of the convention which at least I wouldn’t appear in as I hadn’t seen the photographer all weekend.

Sorry Saxon wrong guess! Would you like to go for double jeopardy where the scores can really change.

Yeap somebody had caught a photo of me during the massage class at the worst angle possible. Argghhhh.....

We then had 'YSA got talent' where three acts competed for the popular vote. Now based on talent the first act should have won it although to be fair the 2nd act didn't have much of a choice as his microphone broke so you couldn't hear him over the guitar. But in contests like this it's usually the cheesy act that wins it and it was the third act with their 'interesting dance moves' that won.

Then we had a karaoke show down, boys versus girls which I still say the boys should have won because the girls 'cheated'. The guys had to sing along to robbie williams "Angels" which is a cheesy ballard. The girls got " girls just wanna have fun" and rushed to the front of the hall to all dance together and that's what won it for them. Alright I know that's not technically cheating but it's not like the guys could do that for a slushy ballard is it?

There was a final 'melody' which the whole congregation sang and a few more words from the organisers and then like that with that familiar suddeness that was that.

It was all over.


Sam said...

where's the photo of you the worst possible angle?

Saxon said...

hopefully still with the photographer who took it and it will remain locked away in a forgotten file somewhere.