Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Manchester YSA Conference 2009: Epilogue " Going home"

After four years that familiar end of conference feeling doesn't get any easier, you know you need to go home and that it's all over but you just.... don't want too.

There wasn't the mad rush towards the car park as there has been in previous years mainly because this year they actually gave us lunch!

Still there was no avoiding it and I eventually had to load up the car and hit the road. In a change I decided againist my usual music and decided to go with a classical CD to help me keep the spirtual high I was feeling. Although irony couldn't pass up the best chance it had to mess with me all weekend. The first song? Time to say goodbye!

The drive home gave me time to reflect on my goals for the weekend. As far as I was aware I hadn't managed to stick my foot in my mouth or at least I don't think I did. But then again sometimes I ain't as quick on the uptake as I should be oh and look I'm rambling.

As for my second objective? Well I did make some new aquaintences but I'm not sure I made any new friends. But on reflection I think this conference turned out to be more about renewing friendships and relationships with people I knew so I would still have to call it a success.

I reached home in fairly good time for a bank holiday and after chatting with Grumpy crashed out for a couple of hours. Not that I meant to, I just say down and that was it. Lights out! Maybe I am getting too old for this :-)

I am however determined to get more Leicester YSA there next year. There's nothing like it and I really want some of the others to see what their missing.

Although if all else fails I could still try going by myself again. Whether or not this is bravery or stupidity on my part is something I'll have to ponder :-)

Later folks.

Normal service will resume shortly

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GossipGirl said...

I have just sat and read through all of your posts from over the conference weekend and can i just say when i felt that weekend definitely came through from your posts. Shame i couldnt do it justice with the post i wrote.
Sorry it took so long to reply and read yours though, i only just figured out how to get comments people had left me on my blog - whoopsy x