Sunday, September 06, 2009

Creative urges

It's been a slightly odd day. I've spent a large part of it pondering on the video they used as the opening devotional video and the closing video at the YSA conference this year. It was the mormon message video by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf called Create which was apparently taken from a talk he gave in a Relief society session of general conference.

I found the video very powerful and have watched it several times since ( it's on youtube :-) And I know feel the urge to create something, to be really creative.

The trouble is I have no idea what to be creative at.

My first thought was what about Institute. Could I be creative there? Nope, I already have a list of ideas and done everything I can do for now. I've even founded a Leicester Institute facebook group. So no, no luck there.

My second thought was photos. But no everything there is up to date and tweaked. Volume three is also ready to go off to the printers so again no luck there.

Thirdly I thought of my modelling. I suppose I could but without any good ideas that's a touch too easy and although I do feel a urge to be creative I'd like a challenge as well and well I've been modelling so long just putting some models together 'straight out of the box' isn't much challenge at all. So I guess that would be a maybe.

and so the thought processes went on.

I'm kinda hoping that inspiration will strike soon as it's mildly frustrating to want to be creative but you don't know how.

Oh well,

Later folks

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